Students Shine at State Solo & Ensemble Festival

MHS students performed in 180 music events at UW Platteville on Saturday, April 28, 2018 in the State Solo/Ensemble Festival. 132 of these events placed first at this level. Congratulations to each of the performers on their dedication to practice and their excellence in musicianship.

10 MHS students were recognized with the WSMA Exemplary Performance Recognition Award for their solos and 13 additional MHS student soloists were nominated for this award. New this year, WSMA also gave Exemplary Performance Recognition Awards to ensembles. One MHS ensemble received a WSMA Exemplary Performance Recognition Award and five ensembles were nominated for this award.

Throughout the festival day, adjudicators have an opportunity to nominate performers whose performance was truly exceptional– beyond what is typically expected for this age group. At the end of the day, each adjudicator selects up to two of the most exceptional performances to receive the Exemplary Performance Recognition Award from among those nominated.

Special congratulations to these MHS students earning a 2018 Exemplary Performance Recognition Award:

Felicity Cole, Alto Sax

Meghna Datta, Violin

Ava DeCroix, Music Theater

Ella Hursch, Flute

Sam Jaeger, Marimba

Max Newcomer, Jazz Woodwind Improvisation Maureen Sheehan, Viola

Andrew Stine, Alto Sax

Jenna Wagner, Marimba

Luke Wittingham, Marimba

Grace Madigan and Hanna Noughani, Woodwind Duet

Congratulations also to these students who were nominated for this prestigious award: Andrew Allen, Jazz Piano and Piano

Mia Chapman, Violin

Jonathan Downs, Alto Sax

Ben Fagre, Vibraphone Ben Foster, Alto Sax Calvin Guse, Viola Mary Hsu, Viola

Abby Mangas, Flute

Thorne Powers, Trumpet

Rohan Shah, Classical Guitar

Abhav Soni, Piano

Jaimie Williamson, Trumpet

Calvin Guse and Maureen Sheehan, Viola Duet

Ella Hursh and Luke Whittingham, Flute/Percussion Duet

Andrew Allen, Susanna Zheng and Saemee Kim, Clarinet Trio

Max Newcomer, Holly Essert, Felicity Cole and Andrew Stine, Saxophone Quartet Max Balasubramaniam, Ben Fagre, Sophia Bote, Jenna Wagner, Percussion Quartet

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