September 24, 2017 Campus Messenger - Orchestra Tour, Website & Volunteer Info

Hi folks:

Most of this note will be about the trip to Spain/Portugal in Spring 2019.  But first, 3 other quick items:

There were a couple of small changes to made in the Orchestra Calendar.  I have linked a new and updated version HERE.

The new BOPA web site is up and running at  Please go check it out and make a habit of checking in on it from time to time.  Our goal is to make that a single stop for most of your informational needs.

One of those information needs housed at the web site is the VOLUNTEER FORM.  BOPA provides some incredible experiences for your students, and none of it can happen without the great help of parents.  Please go to the VOLUNTEER PAGE and fill out the Google form for us.  Please try to do that right away!


I have linked a FOLDER that contains several documents regarding the proposed travel to Spain & Portugal during Spring Break 2019.  Right now it contains 3 items:

  1. The full brochure giving the itinerary as it stands now.  It will be updated as we determine our performance venues.

  2. A slide presentation that gives more information about the tour company, what is included in the trip, and the cost.

  3. An Intent Form that all families can fill out so I know what you are planning for 2019.  It helps my record keeping to know who is coming long, who is on the fence, and who is not planning to attend.

A short word about the number of available spots: The tour company has planned for 1 bus, and that will contain just over 40 paying travelers (both students and parents).  If we start to get more than 40, we creep into the danger zone where we would need a second bus but it would not be filled enough to keep costs down.  When we get into the realm of 60 paying travelers, then we can breathe easier and be assured a second bus (until we get to around 80-90...).

What they will do then is to accept the first 40 or so travelers and then the next several will be added to an official waiting list until the time that we might go above 60 and then everyone is fully enrolled.  Anyone who pays the $95 enrollment fee and does not get to travel for space restrictions will certainly be refunded that fee in full.  I hope we do not have to worry about a waiting list, so sign up in droves!

Tour questions?  Please call or email and I will answer them as best as possible.

If any of the links do not work for you, please let me know so I can find another way to get the information to you.





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