September 1, 2018 - Welcome Back & Several Other Items

Hi all!

I hope the summer has treated you all well.  Can't believe it is September!

You will receive messages via Infinite Campus throughout the year.  I try to label them with the [MHS ORCH 2018-19] subject so you know who it is from.  Also note that if you reply directly to these, I may or may not get it and it might be delayed several days.  Best is to send me an email.

1) We will not need instruments that first day of class on Tuesday 9/4 (only 20 minutes of class) but please bring your own instrument that first full day of class (A for Symphonies Block 2 & 3, B for Cardinal) and the next several after that.  After a week or so, we will know how many school instruments are available to use at school.  Don't own an instrument?  No trouble--we will make sure you can use one.  The small fee for school instrument use/rental will be run again through FeePay.

2)  As many of you know, the MHS Orchestras are touring to Spain & Portugal over this coming Spring Break 2019.  Many of you have signed up, and there is room for more students (and parent chaperones).  Another message with more info is coming soon, or you can contact me directly.

3) Our music students are supported in many ways by the MHS Band and Orchestra Parent Association (BOPA).  All parents who have students enrolled in a band or orchestra are automatically members of BOPA, and many of you (I hope!) will choose to be active members, assisting our efforts to enhance the music education of your students.  Some ways BOPA supports include summer camp scholarships, travel assistance grants, and Solo & Ensemble accompanists for all musicians.  BOPA also runs 2 major fundraisers: the Fruit Sale (Oct/Nov) and the Spring Supper (April).  Look for the first issue of the BOPA newsletter, The Whole Note, coming to your snail mail boxes in a week or so.

On Thursday 9/20 at 7:00pm in the PAC, BOPA will hold its annual general meeting.  Even if you are familiar with the Orchestra program and with BOPA, attending the meeting will be worth your time.  We are trying out a revamped format, we will provide information on coming BOPA events, and there will also be a visit from MCPASD's Perry Hibner, who will be telling us about the referendum plans and how music fits into them.  The meeting will last 60-75 minutes tops.  Please come!

4) During the year, we use the Remind app to send out text reminders to students about upcoming orchestra related items.  It is a free opt-in service and nobody sees anyone else's cell phone numbers.  There is also a choice to receive the texts via email.  Because the information that comes this way is important, we ask that all students join or provide a reason for not joining (no cell phone, etc.).  Parents can join as well if receiving the texts would help your student.

Click on the links to enroll:

CARDINAL ORCHESTRA or text @mhs-co to the number 81010 (or to 918-710-3622)

SYMPHONY BLOCK 2 or text @mhs-sym2 to the number 81010 (or to 918-710-3622)

SYMPHONY BLOCK 3 or text @mhs-sym3 to the number 81010 (or to 918-710-3622)

5) Attached is a copy of this year's calendar of orchestra events.  Please please please enter these events on the family calendar and prioritize them as important for your student's musical education.  If there are any adjustments, I will send out that info as soon as I can.

6) Back to School Night is coming up on Wednesday 9/12.  Hope to see many of you there!

That is all for now!  Please drop me a note if you have any questions.

Steve Kurr


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