October 9, 2017 Campus Messenger - Conferences this month

Hi, Orchestra Families!

Conferences at MHS take place in 2 different formats:  1) Invite-Only Conferences are taking place on Wed 10/18 from 4-7pm and Wed 10/25 4-5pm.  While these are often for students who are struggling in one or more courses, it is also a time when there can be targeted discussions about college plans or musical topics.  2) Arena Conferences happen on Wed 10/25 5-8pm in the Fieldhouse.  This is where all the teachers sit in the room and parents pop around the room and talk to people they want to see.

Unfortunately I will be limited in my time at each of these days.  On 10/18 I will only be around 4-6pm and on 10/25 I am working with the State Honors Orchestra at its rehearsal in the PAC that night.

I would like to invite any of you who would like to come for a chat to send me an email or give me a call and I will find you a time slot 4-6pm on 10.18.  You can also call/email if you want to chat and 10/18 does not work for you--we can find some other time to meet.

Thanks!  SK 

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