October 31, 2017 Campus Messenger - Tour Early Bird Deadline and a few other tidbits

Hi all,

Today is the final day for the early bird Spain/Portugal tour sign up.  You can still enroll after today, but the early enrollment discount of $200 disappears in November and the price may change down the road as well for new enrollments.

One important clarification: The Band and the Orchestra are both touring to Spain in 2019, but these are simultaneous but separate trips to different cities.  Our tour will be orchestra only.

Madison Opera tomorrow.  Send lunch money with students joining us for the trip.  FeePay closed on us, so look for it to open.  If you have not yet paid (and therefore not turned in the virtual permission slip) please send a written note from home with signature giving permission for attendance.  

The Orchestra Soiree III is coming Friday.  Students should attend at least the 4-5 rehearsal if at all possible, and then stay as desired for the food, fun, and 'flatables.



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