October 24, 2018 - Soirée Assistance

The fourth annual MHS Orchestra Soiree will occur on Friday, November 2 from 4-8/9 pm. The fun starts with a semi-required/strongly encouraged rehearsal on stage in the Band Room from 4-5pm.  After that, students move on to Giant Trykes and Human Hamster Balls in the courtyard (cafeteria); movies in the Choir Room; Board Games in the Orchestra Room; and the much anticipated Mario Cart Wii Tournament, also in the Orchestra Room!  Jet's Pizza has donated pizza for the occasion. We are requesting that parents bring in some additional treats, snacks, and beverages, and are also looking for some parents to help supervise the evening (and yes, adults get to play, too!).  Please contribute to the continued success of this fun event in whatever way you can!

To assist, please head to this SIGN UP GENIUS and join us for the great fun evening!

In addition, students should bring along their favorite DVD movies (Rated PG-13 or under, please) and board games they would like to share.  Please label anything you bring so it gets back to the rightful owner at the end.



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