October 18, 2018 - Marching Band Performance Video & End-of-Season Explanation

Hello marching band members and families,

Congratulations on wrapping up a great season.  Everyone worked hard to present our biggest and most complex show to date, and I thought we had a fantastic series of performances.  Competitively, we took our first trip to the WSMA state championships, where we took 6th place in the class AAAA state championships, with a modest five-point spread between us and 2nd place.  Color Guard took 4th in class AAAA within the guard caption.

Please click here for a top-of-the-stands video of the state performance, courtesy of Ana Hursh.


Clarifications on the End-of-Season Banquet 

We've received a few questions about the marching band banquet, so I thought I would answer some of them for everyone:

1. What is it? - The end-of-season banquet caps off the season by bringing together the entire band and their families to talk about highlights from the season, recognize seniors, present a few awards, and watch a slideshow.  The directors will speak, along with some of the student leadership and a few parents.  The feel will be comparable to the end-of-season banquets that follow many athletic team seasons. 

2. What about the dance? - Many students wanted to start a tradition of capping the season with a formal dance (this is a common tradition for many collegiate marching bands). 

3. What should I wear? - Parents: no dress code.  Students: no required dress code, but it is usual to dress up a little (collared shirt, maybe a tie).  The dance will be semi-formal, similar to the school homecoming dance. 

4. Do I need a ticket to attend? - Yes.  Because dinner (Lupe's Taqueria) will be served buffet-style, everyone in attendance does need a ticket.  Families who need financial assistance should contact one of the band directors. 

5. Is this for students only or can families come too? - Families are welcome and encouraged to attend the banquet, and the atmosphere will be parent-friendly.  The dance is for students and their guests only. 

6. What's that about guests? - Marching band students attending the dance can bring a +1 who is not in the marching band by purchasing a dance guest ticket online.  If their guest does not attend Middleton High School, they will need to fill out the same form used by the school for guests at all-school dances. 

7. Do you need volunteers? - We will need just a handful of volunteers to turn over the courtyard from a banquet hall to a dance floor, and to clean up afterward.  A student committee is in charge of setup. 

Hope to see you there!

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