November 14, 2017 Campus Messenger - Fruit Sale Email Sales + Updates

Dear band and orchestra parents and students,  We apologize for sending out multiple emails at the launch of our fruit sale. There was a glitch in the system. We also were alerted to some errors that are corrected below. You may want to change these things on your copies. Corrections:   - The Fruit Sale website: - Fruit Sale Flyer: Large Apple Sampler is $35 (not $45) Email Sales Are Encouraged! We are providing you with a sample message you can email to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Just add your information and/or change it as you see fit.  Attached is a PDF with the products and prices you can share. It will be necessary for your customers to let you know by Nov. 26 what they want to buy and to pay you.  Please write their orders on your order form and turn in the form by Mon., Nov. 27.  Follow the directions on the info. sheet (or found on our website regarding bringing payment made to MHS BOPA and pick up of your orders on Dec. 9 in the MHS Student Center. Enter door #4, please. We wish you luck and our appreciation for all the effort in making this fundraiser a success.  Questions? If you can find answers on the website contact our parent chair Krysia Braun ( or any of the teachers. Products and Prices Concert Schedule Fruit Sale Instruction Packet Flyers Sample Email Message:  ===========================  Hi.  The Band & Orchestra program at my school is having a fruit sale fundraiser. Please consider purchasing fruit, which will be delivered on or close to Dec. 9, 2017. Please take a look at the attached document to see the high quality fruit we are selling. This fruit has the reputation for being exceptional and comparable in price to your local grocery store. This sale will support my school's Band & Orchestra program. Proceeds help to provide: instruments for those without, instruction by specialists, transportation to events, accompanists for competitions, music camp scholarships and much more.  Take a look and let me know if you would like anything and I will order it for you. I need to receive your order by Nov. 25. You can send a check made out to _______ and mail it to ______________.  Any donation orders to Middleton Outreach Ministry Food Pantry (M.O.M.) will be delivered for you. Let me know if you would like to do this.  If you order fruit, I will contact you before Dec. 9 to arrange delivery. I appreciate your support. Thank you!    Sincerely,

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