November 10, 2017 Campus Messenger - Concert Info and Reception & Two Optional events this coming we

Hi all,

Concert week is approaching!  Here is the scoop for the week:

  1. MHS students may come help tune the GCMS and KMS 5th graders on Monday and/or Tuesday.  Helpers should arrive around 5:45-6pm at the PAC (no equipment needed) and they will be done by 6:40.  Each day counts as 10 QSA points and 1 hour of service learning.

  2. Thursday arrival in full concert garb around 6:30, group warm-up on stage at 6:45, and the performance begins at 7:30.  This is for ALL MHS orchestra musicians.

  3. We can use help with the post-concert reception.  Please sign up HERE to assist.

This weekend there are 2 possible events that students can take part in for grade credit and service learning.  Both are completely optional, although a number of students did commit to the first one and therefore should see it as required (they should know who they are...).

1) Saturday, some members of Cardinal and Symphony are joining the Pheasant Branch Strings (a group of adult string learners) for a short concert at Attic Angels.  Students taking part would have already been to the ASR rehearsal earlier this week.  Dress is casual neat, arrival time (come to the parking lot on Attic Angels Cir, off Old Sauk near Junction Rd.--see map attached) is 2:45pm, concert starts at 3:30 and will finish around 4:15.  Families are welcome to stay.  Students should remember their music stands!

2) Sunday is a performance of the Melharmony Festival at the PAC featuring a world premiere by the Middleton Community Orchestra with guests Kyle Knox and Chitravina N. Ravikiran.  Performance starts at 6:30 and lasts about 1 hour.  There is a dinner served afterward and a raffle, both are part of the entry ticket.  Students may attend the concert for free if they have told me ahead of time that they are coming.

  • Cost is free for students who tell me ahead of time

  • Families can attend: $10 for adults, $5 for non-orchestra students.

  • All tickets get dinner and a raffle ticket.  Catered Indian cuisine!

  • Students can get 10 QSA points for attending.

Questions?  Send me an email at



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