November 10, 2017 Campus Messenger - BOPA Fruit Sale 2017!

Hello, band and orchestra parents and students.  The annual BOPA Fruit Sale is starting! This is one our largest group fundraisers that helps pay for the purchase of new instruments, instrument repair and maintenance, transportation to events, clinicians & guest artists, accompanists during competitions & music camp scholarships.  Students can also individually earn funds to offset cultural tour costs and Solo & Ensemble fees. This account accrues so students can start saving for future events!  This year, our goal is for everyone to sell at least 5 boxes of fruit. Culver’s has donated coupons for a free scoop of vanilla custard and one will be given for every 5 products sold. Donations in lieu of sales are also appreciated and can be written on your order form whether by you or others. Receipts can be provided for tax purposes.  Critical Fruit Sale Info:    -   Copy, scan or take a photo of your order form before turning it in! We will have a copy for you on Delivery Day.    -   Order forms are due Monday, Nov. 27 (3 weeks to sell!)    -   All fruit must be picked up on Delivery Day between 8:30 - 11:30am on Saturday, Dec. 9    -   Customers should direct payment to you. Each student/family will then write ONE check to MHS BOPA on fruit Delivery Day.  No money should be turned in with order forms, please! Helping on Delivery Day: The BOPA fruit sale is really a "by parents, for students" fundraiser. The entirety of Delivery Day is coordinated by parents. On Fruit Delivery Day (Sat. 12/9) parents and students gather at the MHS Student Center to help unload, sort and distribute an entire semi truck full of fruit.  The link for parents to sign up is Students will sign up to volunteer at school. Please consider helping out. It's a lot of fun!  Sales Packet Contents: Students have been given a packet containing:    1.  Info. & Instructions   2.  Order Form (both sides)    3.  Flyers    4.  Brochure   5.  Concert Invitations for customers If you need more order forms, they are available in the band or orchestra rooms. Attached are Instructions, flyers and concert invitations should you need more of these. Selling Suggestions: Fruit nearly sells itself since most people buy it every week anyway. Our fruit has the reputation for exceptional quality.    -   Email friends and family. A PDF is attached to make it easier for you.    -   Parents can put up a flyer and/or leave an order form at work. Get more from our webpage!    -   Sell at church or other religious community gatherings after services.    -   Go door-to-door in your neighborhood with a friend or visit your friends’ neighborhoods with them.   -   Ask current and former teachers Thank you to everyone for helping to make this year’s fundraising successful. Information about the Fruit Sale can be found at  Questions? Contact the parent committee chair Krysia Braun ( or any of the teachers.

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