March 7, 2019 - A Clarification from our Spring Supper Committee

A few concerns / rumors have arisen over the email request for lawyers/accountants from our Spring Supper Committee last night.  To clarify:  BOPA is not, nor have they ever been in any legal or financial trouble, and we have professional accountants look over the BOPA books and taxes each year to protect the investment of our students, parents and community.  

The request was for Spring Supper Auction Items.  The committee wished to solicit parents in the legal/accounting fields to provide a donation of time to be raffled off at spring supper. The vague nature of the email left some parents/community members concerned for financial stability of BOPA.  We can ensure all is well (no scandals here).


The Band Staff

Any parties who are interested in a donation of time for our silent auction can reach out at

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