January 6, 2020 - Band Updates

Volunteer for Jazz Cabaret this Friday We could still use a few parents to help out before, after, and during the event.  Sign up here! 2. Solo/Ensemble Registration DUE TODAY - (but you can still register during class tomorrow...)       - Registration forms are online this year.       - There will be one last chance to figure it out during class or ASR tomorrow.       - Fill out a separate form for each event.       - You will need the following information to register: 

  • WSMA event and selection number for your piece

  • A decision on whether to use a school accompanist or hire your own

  • Your calendar - are you available for the whole day on February 22nd, or do you have a conflict for part of the day?  Do you need to transfer to another festival on a different weekend?

3.  Last Chance for Pep Band       - Tonight 1/7 is the last pep band for the semester.  If your pep band grade is currently a 'Missing,' make sure you attend tonight or find time for an ASR make-up. 4.  Last Chance for Concert Listening       - If you have not completed your concert listening assignment (attend a concert, write a paragraph), the last chance to do this at the high school is tonight!  The Concerto-Aria Competition will run from 6:00-10:00pm.  Attend for at least an hour to receive credit. --  Michael Ver Voort Music Teacher & Director of Bands  Middleton High School 

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