January 3, 2020 - Solo & Ensemble Registration and a few other details

Hello, and welcome to 2020!

Solo & Ensemble will take place at MHS on Saturday, February 22.  Registration has already started and will end next week on TUESDAY 1/7.  We are doing all registration online this year, having students fill out a Google Form and charging all fees through FeePay.



These links are also available on the BOPA web page, along with other S&E info.

  • FeePay will be charged before the end of the semester and payment is due by the end of January.

  • Changes can be made to registrations up until January 24, when all entries have to be entered into the state's computer system.  Once we upload to the state, there can be no refunds.

  • Each event for a student needs its own Google Form entry.  For some students, this will be 2: a solo and an ensemble.  FOr others, it might be more.

  • Check your calendars: if 2/22 does not work for your family, there are several other nearby festivals on alternate dates.  Talk to me and to a student's chamber group members before going this route.

  • Special time requests are possible, but only in extreme cases.  "We are going out of town and leaving at 11am" is an extreme case, while "I want to sleep late on Saturday" is not.

  • BOPA covers the cost of most accompanists.  If you have an accompanists you like to work with or that the private teacher uses, then you need to make those arrangements and payments on your own.  If you are feeling generous, you can choose to help support BOPA by covering the cost of the accompanist yourself--thank you in advance for this!

  • Volunteers will be needed for the date and more information about that will be come at the every end of January.

2 last notes:

  • The Concert-Aria Competition is next Tuesday 1/7 from 6-9:30pm in the MHS PAC.  We do not advertise far and wide, but all auditions are open to the public.  Stop by and listen while you read a book or newspaper, catch up on email, or relax.

  • Reminder: the final concert of the year for Cardinal & Sinfonia is on THURSDAY 5/7, not the next week.  This is a change from the original event calendar.

Email or call with questions!


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