February 18, 2018 Campus Messenger - Orchestra Updates

Howdy Families Orchestra!

Solo & Ensemble is 1 week away--hearing beautiful sounds of practice I hope.

1) The schedule has been released, but it is a draft and some things may change.  You can find it sometime on Sunday posted on the BOPA WEB SITE.  On Thursday, a closer-to-final version comes out and will also be posted.  The final version comes out Saturday at the festival.

2) We need your help!  We need parent volunteers to help make the day run smoothly.  Please sign up for a shift at HERE  Many hands make light work.

3) Another responsibility of the host school is to provide a potluck lunch for the instructors, judges, and accompanists.  That is 60-70 people.  Can you bring something on your way to watch your musicians perform?  On your way to helping as a room monitor (hint, hint...)?  Sign up HERE.

4) This is a reminder that the final payment for the Minneapolis field trip was due last week.  Attached is the original copy of the final balance spreadsheet, and send in your check made out to MHS BOPA as soon as possible.  If you have already paid, thanks!

Note that this email is being sent to all band families, not specifically to students who are missing their final payment.

That is enough for now.  Ask your student to play their solo for you!



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