February 12, 2018 Campus Messenger - Solo & Ensemble Reminders

Hello everyone-

Solo and Ensemble is less than two weeks away!  The date for this year's festival is Saturday, February 24th.

1.  Judge's Copies - Students, remember that you must provide your own judge's copy for class A solos.  You will need to write in measure numbers on every measure ahead of time.  Students playing class B or C solos will have a school judge's copy provided on the day of the festival.

2.  Volunteers - Parents, we need your help to make this year's event a success.  Please sign up here to help.  We are always especially in need of room monitors.  If we have enough volunteers, it becomes very easy to switch in and out to watch your student perform.

3. School Accompanists - Students, remember that accompanists are coming this week!  Practice hard! 

Thanks, everyone!  We're looking forward to another spectacular year!


Michael Ver Voort

Music Teacher & Band Director  Middleton High School 

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