December 4, 2017 Campus Messenger - MHS Band December Information!

Hello Band Parents and Students!  We have some busy (and exciting!) times ahead of us, so please be sure to read all of the following announcements.

1.  Fruit Delivery Day, December 9th - This Saturday before sunrise, a semi trailer full of fruit will pull into the school parking lot, and it will all be distributed before noon!  Parents sign up to volunteer by clicking here.  Students sign up to volunteer on the bulletin board at school.  Everyone remember to bring a single check for all of your fruit, and pick up your order between 8:00 and 11:30.

2.  Solo/Ensemble Forms Due, December 8th - Registration forms are due this Friday!  Fill them out completely with your name, event information, and group members.  Remember that class A solos must provide their own judge's copies.  A copy of the form is available by clicking here.

Important schedule change: the Verona solo/ensemble (one of our alternate sites) is no longer taking place.  Unfortunately, the nearest location on 3/10 is in Edgerton...  See Mr. V if you cannot make the other dates, and we can figure something out.

3.  Minneapolis Cultural Tour Forms Due, December 11th - Registration forms and deposits for our Minneapolis 2018 tour are due next Monday!  Medical forms are also due at this time, which may require a doctor's signature.  Additional forms are available by clicking here.

4.  Winter Band Concerts, December 13th/14th - Concerts for each class are coming up next week!  Dress is dress nice for freshmen and all black for everyone else ( click here for more details).  Wednesday is Block 2 Concert Band and Wind Ensemble; Thursday is Block 1 Concert Band and 9th grade Cardinal Band.  Each concert is followed by a reception; please click here (Wednesday) or click here (Thursday) to sign up to bring treats! 

5.  Jazz Cabaret, January 27th - After break, the annual Jazz Cabaret at UW Union South is coming up quickly!  Due to ever-increasing participation in jazz band, there will be two separate shows to allow all parents, family, and friends to see students perform.  The lunch matinee (at noon) will feature Jazz Lab, 6:00 Jazz Band, and 7:00 Jazz Band.  The evening dinner show will feature the Cardinal Big Band, MHS Jazz Orchestra, and 7:00 Jazz Band.  Watch for ticket order forms to be sent out before the holidays.

6.  BOPA Volunteers always needed - Just a reminder to fill out the volunteer form on the website by clicking on "Volunteer."  This is a great way to get involved supporting your students in our busy music program.  On behalf of the students, THANK YOU!  None of these experiences would be possible without your help.

7. Remember to check the BOPA Website!

Finally, congratulations to everyone who sold fruit or donated to the sale.  Preliminary numbers look very promising - which means that BOPA can continue to expand the great experiences it provides to our music students.  Thank you!

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