December 24, 2018 - December Whole Note & Sounds of the Season

Hi folks, 2 quick notes and then I will return you to your regularly scheduled winter break. 1) HERE is a link to the latest Whole Note, the newsletter of BOPA.  While you are on the BOPA web page, check out all of the other great tidbits available there.  Thanks to Laura Guse for the fantastic newsletter and to Danielle Boorstien for the web work! 2) Symphony Orchestra & Sinfonia will appear on the NBC15 Sounds of the Season Program NBC15 Sounds of the Season Program recorded our very own MHS Orchestra! The performance will air on Christmas Eve at 10 pm and Christmas Day at 6 am. It will also be available to view online at  HERE within a week after it airs.  You can also see many other MHS musicians who are members of the WYSO Youth Orchestra! Enjoy the time off of school and see all you students on 1/2! SK

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