August 11, 2017 Campus Messenger - The Big Marching Band Camp Email

Hello MHS marching band students and parents!  We are just one week away from the 2017-18 marching band season.  It's going to be great! This email is long, but it should be your one-stop shop for all the details.  Please read it in its entirety.

Band camp is always the beginning of a new and exciting time. However, no matter what grade you  are in, the first day of band camp can lead to some anxiety. For freshmen it is the fear of the unknown as well as rumors you may have heard about how hot or how hard it is. For returning members it can be the excitement of seeing old friends and the anticipation of a new season, as well as the anxiety of knowing the amount of work ahead. In either case, just push yourself out the door and come on! You will be glad you did. Freshmen, remember that everyone who has done this before you knows how you feel. Relax and enjoy the experience. Before you know it you'll be a senior getting ready for your last band camp.

1.  Calendar - Please triple check the calendar attached to this email.  (There are no changes from earlier versions.)

2. First Home Football Game - The band will be playing in the stands at the first home football game in one week.  Have your flip folder and lyre ready to go, and ask your section leaders about pep band packets!  No uniforms for this event.  If you need to buy/order lyres, flip folders, or marching shoes, now is the time!

3.  Band Camp Checklist - ALL STUDENTS need to fill out the online checklist (click here) by the first day of camp.  It's also a great resource to make sure you're ready for the season!

4. Parent Volunteers Needed for Equipment Moving and Uniform Fitting - Are you planning to watch your student at the home football games?  Competition weekend?  We could use your help with field setup.  This involves some light moving duty and running of sound cables - we'll teach you all you need to know.  Please sign up here - the students really appreciate it.  Uniform fitting dates and times will be added soon.

5.  Band Camp Potluck - The band will have a potluck dinner on August 25th following the first week of band camp.  Sections will be assigned to bring different dishes - stay tuned for the details.

6.  Band Camp After Party - The band camp after party on August 25th will be held at KEVA (8312 Forsythia St, Middleton, WI 53562).  Students are invited to head to KEVA after the band potluck to enjoy a night of fun and games from about 7:00 until 10:00.  Students will need to turn in a waiver, available here to print and sign.

7. Show Shirt & Other Clothing - Every student will receive a "show shirt" with the 'Noir' show theme on it.  Make sure you have communicated your size to your section leader.  Other clothing and fanny packs that students ordered will be distributed during the first week of band camp.

8. Extra Music - If anyone has lost their music or is still struggling with faded photocopies, extra packets can be downloaded here.

9. Memorize Your Music! - All music should be memorized before the first day of band camp.  (If not, you should obviously come anyway, but please do your best.)   We are putting an entire show on the field in just a few days!  Demo recordings to help you can be found here.

10. A Note to Freshman Parents - Two days before band camp your rookie member will probably decide they don't want to do marching band after all. This is normal -- just shove 'em out the door! We promise to take good care of them.

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Know that you're about to become part of something great.  We have an awesome show to put together this year and just a few weeks of practice before our competition.  Get those checklists in, and see you at camp!

Mike Ver Voort & Doug Brown

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