April 2, 2020 - Band Updates: Instrument Drop-offs & Auditions

Hello all, Just a few more updates: 1.  Instrument Delivery - We will be able to deliver more instruments tomorrow.  If you still need yours from school, please send Mr. V an email tonight with your name, address, and where we will find your instrument in the band room.  Delivery will be tomorrow around midday - if this will not work, please indicate in your email. 2. Chamber Winds Auditions - I forgot to include a due date for the video in the last email.  Please either upload to Google Drive or email videos to all three band teachers no later than Tuesday, April 7th.  Music is available here. 3. Class Code Reminder - PLEASE enroll as soon as possible in the Buzz course - email me if you are at all confused and I will try to help.  Reminder of course codes: Chamber Winds Block 1 -- MCP1041171  Wind Ensemble Block 3 -- MCP1041172  Concert Band Block 6 --  MCP1041175  Cardinal Band Block 7 -- MCP1041168 4. Student Tutors - Student tutors should enroll in the class they are tutoring as well as the class they play in.  More information forthcoming. 5. SmartMusic - Please consider trying out SmartMusic... it's pretty great. Sign up at this link: With this class code: ZCCXW-6A3RE 6. Lines of Communication - Email is best, or Zoom office hours.  If you need to talk to a teacher, send an email with your phone number and we'll call you ASAP.  Check the website for an archive of all email updates. Good luck to everyone starting online school.  I have heard that some classes are already having homework and tests - try not to stress out too much, and make sure you enjoy this beautiful weather! --  Michael Ver Voort Music Teacher & Director of Bands Middleton High School (608) 829-9680

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