November 25, 2019 - Fruit Delivery Day Reminder

Hello Students and Parents. 


This is a friendly reminder that the fruit will be delivered on Saturday 12/7 to MHS. We had a very successful Fruit Sale this year--Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!

Volunteers Needed:

  1.  We are looking for more adult volunteers to help out with Delivery Day.  Even if you can’t stay the entire shift, please consider helping out and just note in the comments on the Sign Up Genius when you can be there. Keep in mind that we will take turns with supervising loading orders outside so people can warm up so do let signing up for that position discourage you. Please visit the BOPA FRUIT SALE WEB PAGE and click on the "Delivery Day Volunteer Sign-Up" button.

  2. Students should look for a sign up outside the band and orchestra rooms to sign up--coming very beginning of next week. Students over the years have really enjoyed this teamwork experience so please sign up as we will need as many people as possible.


Fruit Pickup:

  1. Please arrive between 8:30 am - 11:30 am unless your order is over $800, then please come no earlier than 10:00 am

  2. Bring ONE check for the grand total of all your orders made out to ‘MHS BOPA’. 

  3. Park on the street (NOT in the bus lane!!).

  4. Come through Door 4 (front of MHS) to pay for your order and get your original order form(s).

  5. After your order is filled, get your card & park in the bus lane

  6. We’ll help you load your car!

  7. Important: Products need to be refrigerated if you are not delivering right away. Products cannot be stored in vehicles or garages during cold weather!

  8. Deliver your orders and remember to tell them thank you!


If you are truly unavailable to pick up your fruit on 12/7, please try to arrange for a friend to pick it up for you (we have limited space to store unclaimed orders at MHS and the temperature control is less than desirable for fruit).  Please remember to send along a check with them as well.  If you are unable to make other arrangements, please let a member of the fruit committee or one of the MHS music teachers know ahead of time.

Thank you for your support.

The 2019 Fruit Sale Committee, BOPA & MHS Teachers

November 17, 2019 - Orchestra Updates

Hello, Orchestra families!


It is concert week for all of us, so here are some details.


  • Sun 11/17: Some Cardinal and Sinfonia members are performing at Attic Angels today.

    • Arrive for 2:45 rehearsal

    • Bring music and music stand

    • Wear all black or white top/black bottom

    • Concert starts at 3:30 (lasts about 45 minutes)

  • Mon 11/18, Tues 11/19, and Thurs 11/21: Some orchestra musicians are assisting with the MS concerts. 

    • They have signed up to help and should know when to arrive.

    • Wear red orchestra shirts!


    • Dress per THESE guidelines.

    • Arrive no later than 6:50 pm for tuning and warm-up.

    • Concert starts 7:30 pm

      • Cardinals start on stage

      • Sinfonia and Symphony start in the audience

    • All students stay for the full concert to support their colleagues

      • Leave the cell phone off and away, please

    • Parents: please sign up HERE to help with the reception and bring food


One last note: Winter Teas are coming up in December.  Details and permission slips coming soon:

  • Philomusica at West Middleton on Thurs 12/12

  • Symphony Orchestra on Fri 12/13


See you all later this week!


November 11, 2019 - Concerto - Aria - Dance Forms

Hi all,


Attached is the application form for the Concerto-Aria-Dance competition here at MHS.  Apps are due before winter break and the auditions are on Tuesday 1/7 starting at 6pm in the PAC.



November 8, 2019 - Fruit Orders Due Monday

Hi folks,


Thank you for supporting MHS musicians through the BOPA fruit sale.  The funds raised will go toward S&E accompanists, an electric cello, guest jazz violinist Randy Sabien, and so much more.


Orders are due on Monday 11/11.  Please have students bring them to school that day.  If there is an emergency and you forget, drop me a note.

A few quick reminders:

  • Students keep the pink copy and turn in the white/yellow.

  • No money should be turned in at this point.  You collect money from customers and pay BOPA in 1 lump sum on delivery day.

  • Tally Night is Wed 11/13 and we could use a few more people to help out.  Volunteer HERE.

  • Delivery Day is Saturday 12/7--volunteer sign up is HERE.



October 27, 2019 - Another Important Correction on Fruit Order Form

Hello Orchestra Families,


I messed this one up. Here are the actual correct prices, as listed in the students' pricing sheet and on the website:


Full Case of Orange = $60

Full Case of Grapefruit = $50


I am sorry about the confusion--was a long week!


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