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March 12, 2020 - Minnesota Trip Canceled:

March 12, 2020

Dear music parents and families,

We have just learned that the district has decided to cancel our tour to Minneapolis tomorrow due to concerns about COVID-19.  Unfortunately, they will not be able to offer any refunds or waive fees.

We do not have any additional information to share at this time.  Please direct any questions to district administration.

We are sorry to break the bad news, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as the school continues to navigate this evolving situation.

Doug Brown, Steve Kurr, Jamie Pitt, Eric Rothacker, and Mike Ver Voort

March 13, 2020

Dear Music Families of MHS,

We are receiving information and inquiries about the message sent by the music department to cancel the upcoming Minneapolis Music Field trip as it pertains to refunds.  It will take us some time to determine information from the vendors regarding refunds or how we might be able to utilize credit in the future.   Right now, the District's priority is creating plans for continuing instruction due to potential closure as well as creating procedures to handle staff or student exposure to COVID-19.   Trip organizers are going to need time to contact vendors, and the district needs to determine the best way to handle the significant number of refunds that could potentially result. What our nation and community are experiencing is unprecedented.   The situation is rapidly evolving. Either myself or the District Office will reach back out to you and other families in the district whose events have been canceled to share more information on refunds at a later date.


Peg Shoemaker


  • Canceled: The Spring Supper, Concert & Auction has been canceled.

  • On Friday, March 6, composer Viet Cong visited the Bands to work with the 6th block Concert Band via Skype during class.  The Concert Band is preparing his composition Diamond Tide for their March 18th festival performance.

  • March 9 & 10: Jazz violinist Randy Sabien is coming next week to work with the orchestra classes and jazz bands. Mr. Sabien performs concerts, runs clinics, and composes music for all ages of string musicians. He will be working with the jazz bands during their rehearsals on Monday night 3/9 from 6:00-7:30.  All band students are invited! Mr. Sabien will be spending the day on March 10, with the Cardinal Orchestra and Sinfonia and then will join the Cardinal students for their Creation Demonstration in the evening.

  • March 10: Orchestra Creation Demonstration

  • March 11: Eine Kleine Kindermusik

  • March 12: Mike Dewey Concerto Aria Showcase Concert State Solo & Ensemble Registration - If you received a 1* rating at the district festival, your performance qualified for the WSMA state festival on April 25th.  If you would like to perform at State, please fill out the online registration form no later than March 12th.

  • March 18: Canceled: The University of Wisconsin-Madison has followed many colleges in canceling events, which means that our large group festival is also canceled

  • Week of March 30: Chamber Wind Ensemble Auditions

  • Canceled: Basie Jazz Festival, April 22-24 In light of the many unknowns in the future, the school has decided to preemptively cancel our trip to Kansas City.  Trip monies will be refunded. There are no decisions on any other events at this time, and unfortunately we do not have any more information to share. 

  • Read the MHS District Solo & Ensemble update.

Updated: Mar 13


MHS Musicians Shine at Solo and Ensemble Festival

MIDDLETON, Wisconsin – March 1, 2020 – Hundreds of Middleton High School music students performed at the WSMA Solo and Ensemble Music Festival on Saturday, February 22nd, in Middleton. Congratulations to all of the MHS performers on their hard work!  The MHS band and orchestra are at their peak now due to all of the individual practice hours and increased musicianship through the solo and ensemble experience. Steve Kurr, MHS Orchestra Teacher, said about the student participation, “working on solos and ensembles teaches a whole different set of skills from large orchestra rehearsal. Students work on independent musicianship skills, they become more individually responsible, and they simply spend more time with their instruments in the weeks leading up to this festival. February is the month of greatest musical growth in our music classrooms.”

The total events students participated in for the day were 30 vocal, 144 string, 116 woodwind, 68 brass, 35 percussion, 45 piano, 3 guitar, and 9 miscellaneous

159 MHS music events received a 1 star state qualifying rating for their performances and are headed to the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble contest at UW-Platteville on Saturday, April 25th.  Congratulations to all students, teachers, coaches, and families who helped make this possible!

The following MHS students have qualified for the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble contest:

Julian Westerlund, violin

Kailani Pardon, violin

Erin Caldwell, violin

Celeste Li, violin

Clara Landucci, violin

Henry Gruett, violin

Amanda Zhu, violin

Grace Rosholt,violin

Mary Hsu, violin

Quin Regan, violin

Julia Zhang, violin

Jahnvi Datta, violin

Nicholas Lobaugh, violin

Daniel Lee, violin

Sai Mallannagari, violin

Vivian Wagner, violin

Jonah Guse, violin

Thomas Hsu, violin

Mia Chapman, violin

Ethan Ewer, violin

Sanjay Suresh, violin

Kaitlyn McIntosh, violin

Sarah Miller, violin

Clara Landucci, violin duet

Kailani Pardon, violin duet

Daniel Lee, violin choir

Jonah Guse, violin choir

Nikki Yu, violin choir

Vivian Wagner, violin choir

Shruti Parthasarathy, viola solo

Monroe Durand, viola solo

Clara Landucci, viola solo

Mateo Guiao, cello solo

Abby Evans, cello solo

Craig Nielsen, bass solo

Kailani Pardon, string duet

Clara Landucci, string duet

Jonah Guse, string duet

Abby Evans, string duet

Norah Martin, string quartet

Akshita Pattnaik, string quartet

Rose Giefer, string quartet

Lauren Halterman, string quartet

Celeste Li, string quartet

Julia Zhang, string quartet

Tyler Wilson, string quartet

Hayden Van Gilder, string quartet

Ellen Zhou, string quartet

Kaitlyn, McIntosh, string quartet

Ethan Ewer, string quartet

Mateo Guiao, string quartet

Grace Rosholt, string quartet

Kailani Pardon, string quartet

Clara Landucci, string quartet

Claire McLellan, string quartet

Sanjay, Suresh, string quartet

Nicholas Lobaugh, string quartet

Jack Wozniczka, string quartet

Ian Bohachek, string quartet

Nikki Yu, string quartet

Jonah Guse, string quartet

Luke Whittingham, string quartet

Abby Evans, string quartet

Jahnvi Datta, string quartet

Kate Vatthauer, string quartet

Nihar Ballamudi, string quartet

Sara Zahn, string quartet

Mary Hsu, string quartet

Rachel Yard, string quartet

Poojha ProbaharSundar, string quartet

Chloe Boehnen, string quartet

Henry Gruett, string quartet

Jena Peterson, string quartet

Ivan Cermak, string quartet

Abby Evans, string quartet

Camille Malak, piccolo solo

Ella Hursh, piccolo solo

Emma Kostecki, piccolo solo

Lian Lewis, flute solo

Madison Xiao, flute solo

Zinnia Nie, flute solo

Ariya Shah, flute solo

Cheyenne Halverson, flute solo

Molly Keebler, flute solo

Ella Hursh, flute solo

Camille Malak, flute solo

Madison Xiao, flute duet

Ella Hursh, flute duet

Emma Kostecki, flute duet

Camille Malak, flute duet

Madison Xiao, flute trio

Ella Hursh, flute trio

Zinnia Nie, flute trio

Annie Chang, oboe solo

Ivan Cermak, oboe solo

Chaewon Yoo, oboe solo

Calli Whitehead, oboe solo

Erica Collin, bassoon solo

Grace Rosholt, clarinet solo

Sophia Patton, clarinet solo

Amanda Zhu, clarinet solo

Jacob Mandelbrot, clarinet solo

Aria Djamali, clarinet solo

Janice Chung, clarinet solo

Natasha Kinne, clarinet solo

Natasha Kinne, clarinet duet

Earl Bischoff, clarinet duet

Elizabeth Schink, clarinet trio

Abby Zumbrunnen, clarinet trio

Amber Kaplan, clarinet trio

Amanda Roesch, clarinet trio

Emily Tormey, clarinet trio

Anna Jordan, clarinet trio

Harley Burch, bass clarinet solo

Genevieve Kubsch, alto sax solo

Noah Wallach, alto sax solo

Ben Foster, alto sax solo

Giovanna Iossa, alto sax solo

Sarah Mounajjed, alto sax solo

Sam Gustafson, alto sax solo

Aidan Sippel, alto sax solo

Nathan White, alto sax solo

Amanda Roesch, alto sax solo

Kyra Batley, sax duet

Giovanna Iosso, sax duet

Trevor chau, sax duet

Genevieve Kubsh, sax duet

Akshita Pattnaik, sax duet

Malia Faessler, sax duet

Sam Eggert, tenor sax solo

Trevor Chau, bari sax solo

Ella Hursh, flute choir conductor

Ella Hursh, recorder duet

Madison Xiao, recorder duet

Amanda Roesch, soprano sax solo

Moniek Smink, bass clarinet duet

Harley Burch, bass clarinet duet

Molly Keebler, flute oboe duet

Olivia Bote, flute oboe duet

Taylor Huber, trumpet solo

Taylor Nordent, trumpet solo

Katie Stockhausen, trumpet solo

Alex Ashley, trumpet solo

Alexander Marrione, trumpet solo

Nik Steele, trumpet trio

Alex Ashley, trumpet trio

Kyra Ginsbert, trumpet trio

Reilly Wagner, trumpet trio

Jackson Harless, trumpet trio

Kyra Ginsberg, trumpet trio

Max Foland, horn solo

Flynn Ewer, horn solo

Elinor Kosek, horn solo

Lucas Miller, horn solo

Holly Fullerton, horn solo

Jack Ohly, trombone solo

Noah Petersen, trombone solo

Colette Wiese, trombone solo

Yale Huang, trombone solo

Andrew Carr, trombone solo

Tyler Huff, trombone solo

Aaron Stettner, trombone quartet

Noah Petersen, trombone quartet

Tyler Huff, trombone quartet

Jack Ohly, trombone quartet

Micah Goff, snare drum solo

Max Balasubramaniam, snare drum solo

Torin Braun, snare drum solo

Luke Whittinham, marimba solo

Sam Carey, marimba solo

Charlie Fenske, marimba solo

Genna Bertalot, vibraphone solo

Sebastiaan De Waart, vibraphone solo

Molly Warholic, marimba duet

Sebastiaan De Waart, marimba duet

Joseph Steinmetz, marimba quartet

Torin Braun, marimba quartet

Charlie Fenske, marimba quartet

Nate Hall, marimba quartet

Genna Bertalot, marimba trio

Nick Hinz, marimba trio

Colin Keenan, marimba trio

Molly Warholic, percussion ensemble

Jude Fleischman, percussion ensemble

Charlie Fenske, percussion ensemble

Althea Wincek, percussion ensemble

Sebastiaan De Waart, percussion ensemble

Annie Warriner, percussion ensemble

Harvey Baiely, percussion ensemble

Amanda Roesch, jazz improv solo

Sam Eggert, jazz improv solo

Jack Ohly, jazz improv solo

Jack Ohly, jazz combo

Aaron Boorstein, jazz combo

Ben Foster, jazz combo

Gretchan Gustafson, piano solo

Nikki Yu, piano solo

Mary Hsu, piano solo

Claire Shin, piano solo

Ella Hanson, piano solo

Norah Martin, piano solo

Celeste Li, piano solo

Mena Garber, piano solo

Evelyn Anderson, piano solo

Mara Allen, piano solo

Rohan Shah, guitar solo

Ella Hursh, flute-percussion duet

Luke Whittingham, flute-percussion duet

Nikkie Yu, flute-violin duet

Madison Xiao, flute violin duet

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