Hello Everyone,

Thanks to everyone that was able to attend yesterday! It was exciting to get back to doing musical things and we're very excited to get back into the swing of things this fall with you after getting just a taste yesterday!

New members, nice job! We were impressed with how great the band sounded after a year and a half of covid and our first time sight reading together! If you need any help whatsoever please reach out to someone. It is normal to feel a little rusty after the first meeting and especially coming out of covid. We're all in this together and want to build each other up! Parents, it is normal for your student to feel nervous about marching band in the beginning, send them back to us in the fall, we'll take good care of them.

Hopefully most people were able to meet their section leaders and other returning members of their section! Section leaders will be reaching out soon about potential options for sectionals over the summer as well as to see how everyone is doing and help answer any questions you may have.

Please reach out to myself and Mr. Ver Voort if you still need an instrument and we will help take care of you. If you need any music over the summer, please see our BAND app, or reach out to a section leader. And keep an eye out over the summer for email updates and posts in the app to keep you updated!

Thanks for a great sight reading session today everyone!

== -- Eric Rothacker

Music Teacher & Band Director Middleton High School 608-829-9683 erothacker@mcpasd.k12.wi.us


Hello everyone,

Happy last week of school! Please see the following for some important updates and reminders for marching band for the end of the year and beginning of the fall season!

Upcoming Rehearsals/Practices

June 3rd - Front Ensemble 4-6pm

June 3rd - Full band Meet and Greet/Run Through 4:30-6pm (Leadership please arrive 4pm). More information below

June 3rd - Drumline 7-9pm

June 7th - Colorguard 6-9pm

June 3rd We will be meeting at Fireman's Park next to the high school at 4:30pm - 6pm. Please make sure you attend if available! You'll meet your section members, talk about what the fall will look like, and we're super excited for our first time reading through the music! If you need an instrument and/or music Most all the music is downloadable in our "BAND" App (see below) including pep band packets (and warm ups soon). Please print and bring both the show and pep band music if possible. We will also have physical copies to pass out on the 3rd. If you need an instrument, we will rent one out to you on the 3rd! Do your best to show up even if it is just to pick up an instrument and music. Please email Eric Rothacker and Mike Ver Voort if you need these materials and cannot attend. Summer Contact If you are a wind player within the band and an incoming freshman/new member, your section's section leader will be in contact with you soon about any possible sectionals they might be considering, answering any questions, etc. This might be through email or text. This will be students contacting other students. If you have any questions over the summer that are instrument, music, or section specific please contact your section leader first. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to the directors for marching band this season (Eric Rothacker and Mike Ver Voort). BAND App We have a group for students to send out smaller announcements, clarifications, and a localized and updated calendar. Please join the app so you have access to information, music, section leaders, etc. You can use this link === Thanks so much! -- Eric RothackerMusic Teacher & Band Director Middleton High School 608-829-9683 erothacker@mcpasd.k12.wi.us


Hello band families and students,

We are almost at the very end! Here are some important updates as we close out the year.

1. Return School Instruments

All school instruments need to be returned by this Friday, May 28th. If you are returning next year and would like to keep your instrument over the summer, please bring it in so we can look over it and check it out to you again. Questions? Email Mr. V.

Parents/Guardians -- given the chaos surrounding first COVID and then construction, we suspect there may be a few school instruments that were hurriedly distributed and hiding in your child's room. Please double check to make sure nothing is forgotten!

2. Marching Band Reading Rehearsal Next Thursday

Next Thursday, June 3rd from 4:30-6:00pm, we will have a read-through of next year's marching show. This is not required, but please attend if you are able. This is also a great time to check out a marching instrument for the summer as needed.

3. Senior Slideshow

Check out the senior slideshow from the concert last week (this time with pictures). Thanks to graduating senior Trevor Chau for putting it together.

4. Concert Recordings

Have friends or family that missed the concert? Here are some video recordings - they are unedited and nothing special, but feel free to pass them along! (Note: due to a technical difficulty we missed the Cardinal Band performance. If any 9th grade parents took a video and want to send it in, we would be grateful!)

7:00 Jazz - Full Performance

Chamber Winds - Midway March

Chamber Winds - March of the Belgian Paratroopers

Wind Ensemble - Full Performance (includes some warm up as well)

Concert Band - Full Performance

Cardinal Band - Your Video Here!

5. Marching Band Updates - Please Read!

Front Ensemble Rehearsals: May 27th & June 3rd 4-6pm

Colorguard Practice: June 7th 6-9pm

Full Marching Band Read-Through Event for Rising 9th-12th grade (Graduating Seniors also welcome): June 3rd 4:30pm-6:00pm (Leadership show up 4pm)

Marching Band Music coming out this week in band class for high schoolers

Rising 9th graders can get their music at the read through June 3rd. Feel free to reach out to your section leaders if you cannot attend the 3rd, they will be forwarded your music to look at over the summer. (Or they will reach out to you)

Please join our BAND app! We'll be using this as our homebase for smaller communications between directors, leadership, and marching band members that don't necessarily warrant an email. The app may also be used to post drill, music, video from shows, etc. in the future

Click here to join the Marching Band BAND (Everyone)

Click here to join the Leadership BAND (Just Leadership)

New members! Your section leader(s) will be in contact with you soon (either through the BAND app, or other means) to see how you're doing, let you know about summer sectional options, and to answer any questions you may have as we get closer to band camp!


Thanks for reading, everyone!


Michael Ver Voort

Music Teacher & Director of Bands

Middleton High School

(608) 829-9680


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