What makes the MHS Marching Band special?

  • You will be a part of a music "team" that helps make MHS athletic events more fun, more exciting & more musical!
  • This is a group of awesome people who love to play their instruments & promote school spirit!
  • The MHS Marching Band is appreciated by the athletic teams, coaches and especially the fans!

How do I join the MHS Marching Band?

  • Get ready for an awesome experience!

  • Read the handbook

  • Submit the sign-up form

  • Pay your fee

  • Save the dates for the Marching Band Camp, practices and performances!

Tell me about Marching Band Camp!

Your MHS Marching Band experience is sure to be one of your best high school memories! We combine music, fun, marching, comradery and spirit! Marching Band Camp exciting and sure to be the highlight of your summer. At camp, you will

  • make many new friends
  • learn how to march on the field
  • practice new music
  • participate in team building activities

What about attendance? Do I need to be at every practice & event?

After your first day of camp, you will see that you'll never want to miss a practice! To learn the music and marching, it is very important that you attend the camp. All rehearsals & performances are mandatory. If you must miss a rehearsal for a family obligation, illness or athletic competition then communication is imperative. Please see the handbook for attendance rules and absence procedures. Bottom line:

  • Keep a calendar
  • Find potential conflicts in advance
  • Do not wait to resolve problems.

What do I need to know about uniforms & equipment?

MHS has awesome uniforms. To keep them looking great for years to come, we have a few rules that you learn about at camp. Be prepared with these items:

  • All black shoes (pre-approved & approximately $30)
  • All black long socks
  • Belt bag for camp
  • Flip Folder
  • Music holder (lyre)
Ver Voort, or Mr. Rothacker for an application!

What are the student leadership opportunities?

The MHS Marching Band provides many leadership opportunities! These include Drum Major, Section Leader, Equipment Manager, Percussion Section Leader, Librarian, and Color Guard Leadership! These positions will be selected through an audition & interview process in April & May. Please see Mr. Brown, Mr. Ver Voort or Mr. Rothacker for more information.

What category is MHS in competitions?

In Wisconsin, “the classification of bands by school size is designed to separate participating bands into equal-sized groups where the bands in competition with each other have the same size general student population base from which to draw. While the alternate method of classification by band size has been discussed by the participating band directors, classification by school size is continually chosen by participating directors as the fairest and most accurate method of band classification." -wsmamusic.org/marching-band

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